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get involved in the production process...

Video-essays are just not the same without music and impossible to make without someone recording them...

We know this very well, and this is why we are looking for people interested in collaborating creatively with us!

What are we looking for?

Music composition

If you're a music composer interested in working with us please send us some samples of your work containing previews of soundscapes that you’ve made which you think will fit well with our channel and we’ll reach you back to discuss the details of the collaboration.


If you're a voice actor interested in working with us please send us a recording sample containing one passage (of your choice) from one of our videos (150-250 words) and we’ll reach back to you to discuss further details regarding the collaboration.


We know creative and intellectual work is work, and it should be paid! ❤. However, at the moment, we are unable to properly pay our collaborators (or ourselves for that matter…) For this reason, most of our collaborations are unpaid at the moment and there isn't any remuneration involved, unless videos are supported by external grants.

This will hopefully change, as our Patreon, and Ko-fi page are growing. So, whenever we’ll be able to guarantee remuneration for the work involved, we'll update this section right away.

past & present collaborators...

Adrian Feener - Music Composition

Andrei Bobiș from Cirkular Studio - Music Composition

Oana Cristina Pușcatu - Voiceover & Acting

Teodora Retegan - Voiceover & Acting

BAB - Music Composition

Over time we have worked with many amazingly talented people who have either participated deeply & directly in the making of the videos by aiding with illustration, animation and writing, or given us a precious word of advice when needed. Most are properly acknowledged within each of the videos! We are thankful to everyone, including the bees who have pollinated the world meanwhile.