We're looking for storytellers...

Are you a scholar-activist, a researcher, a writer, or a storyteller of any kind? 

We invite you to write a script for a new just wondering playlist of videos.

Send us a text/script...

  • If it is grounded or reflective to the following interests and/or scholarly fields: Critical Animal Studies (CAS), Critical Disability Studies (CDS), Radical/Critical Environmental Justice (Radical EJ, CEJ), Political Ecology (PE), Critical/Vegan Geographies, Deep Ecology, Dark/Queer/Critical Pedagogy, Speculative Realism (SR), Object-Oriented Ontology (OOO), Ecofeminism, Eco-ability, Posthumanism, Gender Studies, Queer Studies, Anarchist Studies, Critical Discourse Studies, Feminist and Activist Scholarship.
  • If you’re interested in exploring and disseminating new concepts, theoretical developments, as well as research findings related to the above fields/interests and/or other similar philosophical subjects.
  • If you’re committed to addressing oppression in ALL its forms by being pro-intersectional and exploring how different injustices are linked and sustained through the lens of social justice, environmental justice, political economy, political ecology, and others.
  • If it isn’t under review for any other publication.
  • If it’s original and not previously published. If you are submitting a version of a previously posted or published piece, just mention in the email.
  • And of course, if you want to have your words narrated, illustrated, and/or perhaps animated in a video format.

Important: Please keep in mind that we do not accept texts that are: racist, sexist, (neuro)ableist, transphobic, homophobic or speciesist in any way, and any text that puts marginalized people at even more risk of being marginalized.

We encourage everyone who finds it hard to collaborate in other circumstances, do not hesitate to reach us! From scholar-activists to disabled, neurodivergent, working-class folks, from LGBTQIA+ people and BBIPOC to QTBBIPOC, from people without a university degree to independent researchers, artists, sex workers and folks in precarious situations, as well as anyone else who faces marginalization, send us an email if there's anything we can assist you with, so that you can make your submission. We wanna make sure everyone has an equal platform and opportunity.

Pitching your script…

If you feel unsure about what you are about to write and so you’re not sure if it will fit as a just wondering video, then send us an email before in the form of an abstract/pitch of 150 - 250 words, telling us what it’s going to be about, so we can get back to you with an opinion or some guidance before writing it altogether.

Submitting your script...

  • Make sure your text is somewhere between 500 to 2000 words (preferably around 1300 words).
  • Make sure you send us your script as a PDF. or DOC. file to contact@justwondering.io
  • Let us know in the email if you wish to record the script by yourself and if you have access to a semi-professional microphone to do so.

For any other general questions, contact us at the above email address.

Tips for writing...

Before we can transform your script into a video, we’ll need to work together on the editing process. To avoid too much back-and-forth editing, we’ve prepared a list of practical tips for writing a text/script that’s going to be narrated and published in a video format with illustrations and/or animations, SFX and music.

  • Write as if you are talking or narrating.
  • Pay attention to emotion and give it space to manifest with what you are saying.
  • Avoid words that can be too hard to pronounce or sentences that are too long.
  • Try to convey your message in a way that’s simple to understand, either by analogy and/or metaphor.
  • Keep in mind that the script will be illustrated, and that information can be conveyed visually and through sound as well. It is recommended that you make suggestions for these too, so as to have a better grasp on the story/idea you want to tell.

[Optional] Tips for recording...

If you decide to record the text by yourself, please consider the following suggestions, since they will help us edit the audio more easily while we try to make the whole video sound as good as possible at the end.

  • Exercise reading the text a few times before recording it.
  • Use a pop filter for noise reduction if you have access to one.
  • Set the microphone volume to 50% in the settings of your operating system.
  • Keep a relatively similar distance from the microphone while recording.
  • Try recording it slower, don't rush, leave sufficient space between words and sentences for additional edits.
  • Send us a small recording of 1-2 sentences with your voice if you're unsure about the quality of the microphone.
  • Send us the final recording(s) as .WAV or .MP3 when it's all done.
  • If possible include two recordings of the script so we can put together the best takes in the video. Small mistakes/noises appear all the time while recording so this will be extremely helpful.

Video production...

The video will look and feel like some of the [new] videos being published in our collaborations playlist. The author(s) will be credited at the start of the video, and at the end, where we might mention something about the author(s) bio or about the collaborative aspect of the video. All videos will have some stylistic and thematic variations and the illustrations along with the video edits will always vary to fit the script we receive from you.

We can not guarantee that we’ll start working on the video as soon as the editing of the script is done. However, we’ll make sure to keep you updated when we can start making the video, as well as letting you know when the video is ready, so you can spread it around or use it in learning environments, classrooms, workshop facilitation, conferences and/or any other places where you think it is appropriate.

Publication and timeframe...

We’re pleased to accept your submissions at any time. Please note that we’re a very small collective of three individuals who have been writing, recording, illustrating, animating, editing and collaborating with others to keep this project alive, so the time to review your script can range anywhere between two weeks to two months. The additional editing of the script along with the whole production of the video will also prolong the publication date. Please keep this in mind when you submit.


We know creative and intellectual work is work, and it should be paid! ❤. However, at the moment, we are unable to properly pay our collaborators (or ourselves for that matter…). We do have a Patreon, a Ko-fi page, and we are applying for grants, so perhaps things will change in the future. If that will be the case, we'll update this section and let you know.

Accessing the video...

All our videos are free to access and are uploaded on our Youtube channel. Once a video is uploaded, we publish it on our Website and share it on our Facebook and Twitter profile.


All videos published on our channel and website are copyrighted by just wondering.