We’re immersing ourselves in unfamiliar realms so we can openly welcome different perspectives of seeing the world around. 
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If you're looking for an answer, you will find only questions...

Questioning about the world around us and inside us, bears a trait of our human nature. Our curiosity leads us to explore new and unknown terrritories...We ask questions for many reasons, because we don't know, because we try to fix a problem or because we are curious where it could lead. A question is a request for information. It's a moment of honesty when we actualy know that we don't know, and it's ok if we don't know. This state of mind gives us an opportunity to listen and be open. We pay attention because it's in our interest. But, often, knowing something indicates the contrary. It's funny, the more we know, the less we know. Why is there something rather then nothing? Well, why not? When there is no right or wrong answer, the answer itself becomes irrelevent, it's just a reflection of the actual question. And this question along with our understanding shifts into a possible answer, the one we're maybe looking for. If we detach ourselves from the image, from language and dare to see beyound every question, it's just a matter of time until we become aware of the things we could not imagine before...
Some of our previous projects... 

We believe that food could and should be:

Good for you body;

Good for the environment;

And simply delicious!

Ideas brought to shape...Habits shifting ideas...

Papaia started as an easily digestible project made to inspire the everyday food choices and the overall lifestyle, because we believe that food could and should be: good for you body, good for the environment and simply delicious.

We think that a better future can be made from walking on small changes at an individual level. In order to make it happen, we're gathering the latest information in the nutrition field and we delivered it along with delicious food recipes, combined with a pinch of imagination and creativity. Overall, we've mixed up food experiences, nutritional facts and animations into one of a kind, cooking show.
Papaia (translated into Eat that or I eat that) is an independent local production, made up of our culinary experiments and artistic abilities, so we could awaken the passion for real food, and offer a cheap, healthy and tasty alternative for the meals we eat everyday.

A look inside....

To make it easy to watch, with well documented facts and unique look and sound design, we spend some time working on this show, from script and information, to video recording & editing, drawings, animations and voice over or sounds.
For us, Papaia is more then just a show, it's an attitude, a way of receiving and delivering thoughts about food, life, social surroundings and natural environment.

Working together with our goals...

With this online shop we wanted to create an enjoyable experience and inspire a good vibe. We built something that turns your day brighter, or just makes an awesome gift for someone else. So, we designed some unique products that embody a mystic, ironic and amusing concepts, focusing on more people like us, other local artists or just anyone else who shares a passion for games and digital nerdy stuff.
Being our first project together and working with other friends, we've made various products, from factory products to hand crafted ones, reflecting each others ideas and background. We've played with the traditional mediums and combined them with the digital ones, making t-shirts, coasters, stickers, prints, figurines, digital and sound graphics, or other decorative objects.

On the long run...

The shop was up and running for the last year, but for now we decided to pause it, so that we can focus on the other projects. Taking a little break will give us time to rethink the project in a more sustainable way, by taking it to its full potential. Until then, we could also reinforce the team so we can start again in a new formula, that may include more local artists, with their personal concepts, implemented in useful or decorative objects.
We hope, it will be a great way to support the authentic artists and to grow a community that creates well made & unique hand crafts objects. Our goals will remain the same - on the long term we desire to shape a concious way of seeing the world around us, with a direct impact on everyday living.

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