Poems from the production process...

1 Prayer to all of the soft/hardware saints
2 Search engines never actually know enough
3 A single meaning
4 Listening to sound a/effects
5 Another day, another illustration, another frame
6 The laughter from the next to last frames
7 The work days of the last few frames
8 It hurts like this
9 Emailing people to ask them to support your work is work also

may the file open may the file be unbroken may the file contain everything may my work be saved may my back stop hurting may the electricity keep running may the internet be strong may the software be swift may the rendering be fast may the hardware withstand
Poem-Search engines never actually know enough
Poem-A single meaning
Poem-The work days
Poem-Listening to sound aeffects
Another day, another illustration
Poem-The last frames
Poem-It hurts like this
Poem-Emailing people