what, who, why...

We create short animated essays, step by step, from concept to final details, minute by minute, putting words into illustrations and moving them to create something to reflect over, to feel, and to imagine further.

We are a collective of three individuals located in Eastern Europe that aims to provide a glimpse of some of the vast theoretical developments in various philosophical and sociological fields by dedicating ourselves to the process of researching, writing, illustrating, animating, composing and collaborating with others in presenting radical and critical approaches to the current status-quo.

Just wondering... doesn’t just wander aimlessly. Most often there are pressing questions we look to pose, questions that pain us, and questions that give us joy. Our work is inescapably political and speculative, dedicated to addressing oppression in all its pervasive forms by questioning power relations, privilege, and our position and point of view in the world. We turn to philosophy, to sociology, to poetry, and to art for different answers. Sometimes we find some, sometimes we end up with more questions. Always enmeshed in them personally. Always charmed with the search. Always wary and anxious of pretending to know. Always believing in the search for some form of 'knowledge' that doesn't just rest in the thinking-subject awaiting to be found, but it is of our embodiment, of our sensitivity towards the world, and reflective of the more-than-human intricacy. We're not always successful, and our philosophies change, but we hope this project will give more to the world than it takes from it.



Aron Nor

research, animation & editing

Working towards co-existence while challenging (hu)man privilege.

Self-taught in all things, but celebrating dependency rather than individuality.

Reads philosophy & takes ontology seriously.


Mina Mimosa

illustration & design

Carries softness as a way of being, vulnerability as an artform.

Finally accepting that being compared to a mimosa is to be taken as a form of praise.

Studied sculpture & grows plants.


M. Martelli

research & script

Lives with thankfulness as response to this unjust world.

Draws energy from poetry, sun rays, coffee and feminism.

Thinks by writing & marvels at corn stalks.

in collaboration with...


Oana & Andrei (Cirkular)

music & sound design

Kind, thoughtful & tender, they can hear the music within a story.

Andrei's passion for sound and composition, with Oana's insights into how things, people and beats work, make songs come like spring, delicately, surely, essentially.


Oana Cristina Pușcatu


Is very driven, very lovely and works too much.

Her voice is a wild landscape overseen by the sun, the moon and the stars.

Madly into theatre.


Over time we have worked with many amazingly talented people who have either participated deeply & directly in the making of the videos by aiding with illustration, animation and writing, or given us a precious word of advice when needed. Most are properly acknowledged within each of the videos! We are thankful to everyone, including the bees who have pollinated the world meanwhile.