2019 in review

Hi everyone,

2019 is the year two of us lost our jobs, which meant, among other things, more time for the just wondering project.

Given we are extremely lucky, we can afford to dedicate time to this passion project of trying to understand the world and explore it through animated videos. Woah. We’re very thankful for that.

Having more time meant more content, we put out five videos plus an intro for our channel, which is more than half of all the videos we ever made.

We started collaborating with Oana for voice-over, who is amazing. We also ended our collaboration with BAB, who we thank for all the music he’s given us.

In 2019 we also changed the direction of our videos, artistically, philosophically, and politically. We took a more ecological ‘bent’ and switched from ‘explanatory’ videos to more exploratory ones.

During this year we passed 1k subscribers on youtube and we opened a Patreon and a Ko-fi account.

At the end of the year we made our first little webcomic, which is now available on our website. We’ve decided that this is a medium we might explore more in the future.

We want to thank all those who follow us, and especially those who directly support us, with extra shout-outs to noonker and Eloelo1

2020 is the year luck either runs out, or increases. We’ll see. Stay with us!