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- Farmed Animal Sanctuaries as the Heart of the Movement -

Animals running away from factory farms need all the support they can get, from activist protesters to caregivers in vegan sanctuaries. In this film you'll hear about actions of escape and animal resistance, such as those of Matilda the pig, but also those of Tilikum the orca, Tatiana the tiger, and Tyke the Elephant. You'll find an exploration of what animal sanctuaries are, what they try to achieve, what tensions they bring forward, and what possible futures they help materialize. And, by raising the voices of the Cuori Liberi antispeciesist activists from Italy, as they were defending the lives of pigs inside the sanctuary from the forces of the state, the film navigates just how entangled animal and human liberation are.

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dictionary of thinkers & concepts

An audiovisual exploration of various thinkers to think with and the concepts they use. In this playlist we highlight the works of philosophers, political theorists, researchers and writers we admire - at least in some regard. We explore their ideas and look critically at their work, sometimes pointing to what we consider they are missing, other times engaging deeply with their writings by putting them into an unexpected form. Often, but not always or exhaustively, we approach the thinker from an antispeciesist point of view, re-shaping some of their concepts into useful tools for animal liberation.

hybrid animated essays

An experiment in video-making, these short animated essays combine storytelling with critical theory. They are an attempt to put into moving images the questions we ask and the answers we find along the way. Whether relying on blackboard or digital animation, they weave emotion into thinking about the world, challenging its structures of power and domination. This playlist is where we play, finding new languages to express ourselves - it is the place for our uncategorizable artforms, where both our short films and thoroughly theoretical essays can be found.


A meeting point with other writers, researchers and activists, this playlist makes possible animated essays we couldn’t have written: it is a place of exchange, where we work together on a script/text and then take on the entire work of transforming it into an audio-visual piece. Within it, we prioritize issues of social, climate and multispecies justice, aiming to put forth into the world particular, situated and liberatory ways of thinking.